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SaltbushSix's Marlon Holden Launches GoFundMe to Fight Cancer Battle


Marlon Holden has been around music for a long time, including back in the 90s he was a part of Keith Urban's band. Recently, he was a member Saltbushsix who released their debut album last year. Unfortunately, Marlon received some bad news in mid-March, after being diagnosed with secondary cancer, Metastic Melanoma. 

A GoFundMe page has been started by somebody close to Marlon and it states he's had some financial troubles in the last few years and will face some challenging times.They acknowledge that these are hard times at the moment with Covid-19.

Here's what the description reads:

Our dear friend, father, grandfather, band mate and all-round favourite human, MARLON HOLDEN - bass player for SaltbushSix and former member of 3 Magic Words Keith Urban Band, Rusty & the Ayers Rockettes,  Skintite & Karma - has been dealt some extremely bad news of late. We as a group of family and friends are rallying to help him in any way we can - and you can help too.

Marlon was diagnosed with secondary cancer, Metastatic Melanoma, in mid-March, right in the middle of the COVID 19 outbreak. This means he’s been going through early and aggressive treatment at a time of social distancing, which is tragic. Scans and testing tell us he has cancer in six different places, some that are inoperable and so he has already had extensive radiation.

For the rest, he is now undergoing world-leading Immunotherapy treatment, in the place that plays a leading role for such treatment, Queensland, which is the good news. This gives us all a huge amount of hope for his recovery. Receiving great care, along with his strength and positivity, means Marlon is well-placed to win this battle.

It goes without saying that Marlon is one of the nicest, most sincere and unselfish people you will ever meet. He lives for his family and friends and is the very definition of ‘a great bloke’. Whether you met him through his many years in the building and construction industry, or when he’s been up on stage in some of the country’s best bands, you’ll appreciate he’s well respected and much loved.

Those of you who know Marlon well though, know he is a proud and private man. He’s always there to help support his friends, but he is never one to burden any of us with his own struggles. Because of this, you may not know that he has also gone through some huge financial difficulties over the last few years. Despite this, he’s quietly borne it all with grace and good humour. Melanoma treatment, however, is not something he should have to face alone. Indeed, his treatment will be far more effective if he doesn’t have to.

Because of this we are starting a GoFundMe page. There will be big medical bills along with living costs he simply cannot cover as he goes through the many months of treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. He has been extremely generous to so many people throughout his life, so now it’s time for us to give back to him.

Now, we know it’s not a great time to be doing this. We’re sure many of you are struggling with your own financial losses during this terrible pandemic and we appreciate you may not be able to donate much. But as they say, ‘time waits for no man’ and in order for Marlon to have more time with us, we all need to act now. 

So, whatever you can spare, please donate it here. We all love Marlon for what he has done for us and what he has taught us about being decent humans. Your love and support won’t just help him physically, but mentally as well.  If any of us were going through the same, we know he would be the first to put his hand up.

They are aiming for $25,000 and at the time of publishing this article it had already passed $13,000. For more details you can find the page here: 

Check out some awesome tunes from Saltbushsix:

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