Tim McGraw Announces New Album ‘Standing Room Only’

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Tim McGraw will release his highly anticipated new album, Standing Room Only on August 25. 

The 13-track album was produced by McGraw and his longtime producing partner Byron Gallimore. Together, they crafted a full-length collection that features McGraw’s signature country sound, his charming vocals and meaningful songs.

McGraw said in a statement, “As an artist, I always want to dig deeper and get better every time I make a new record – it’s a big part of what drives me, and I really believe this is one of the best projects we’ve made. I’ve been working on this album since 2020, and this collection of songs are some of the most emotional, thought-provoking, and life-affirming music I’ve ever recorded.”

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He added, “I’m excited to have [the new single] Hey Whiskey out so fans can start hearing more of what we’re working on – and maybe even more before August…”

The album also includes the title track, which was released in March. Written by Craig Wiseman, Tommy Cecil and Patrick Murphy, Standing Room Only is an introspective and heartfelt examination of what it means to truly live life fully.

Standing Room Only caught my ear the first time I heard it because of its message,” said McGraw. “For me, this song is so positive and life affirming. It isn’t about the funeral or the procession, it’s about how we live in the here and now. How do we push ourselves and in which direction do we push ourselves? For me, it’s a reminder to live a life filled with gratitude and not take things for granted [and] to give back and be there for others.”

Standing Room Only Track List:

1. “Hold on to It”
 2. “Standing Room Only”
 3. “Paper Umbrellas”
 4. “Remember Me Well”
 5. “Hey Whiskey”
 6. “Her”
 7. “Fool Me Again”
 8. “Small Town King”
 9. “Beautiful Hurricane”
 10. “Cowboy Junkie”
11. “Nashville CA/L.A. Tennessee” (featuring Lori McKenna)
 12. “Some Songs Change Your World”
 13. “Letter From Heaven”

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You can pre-order Standing Room Only here.

The new album marks McGraw’s first new record since 2020’s Here On Earth, which debuted at #10 on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart.


Keep up to date with Tim McGraw on his Facebook page here.

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